Monday, 26 May 2008

First day of Year Two First Semester

Yeah ! today i finally start my first semester of second year at UTAR setapak. Wow , time really flew fast , i'm already study at UTAR one year di, and now entering the second year . Well , usually many people will hope for more holidays . But for me, i prefer start school , because i really bored and nothing to do on holiday. New semester means my life will be more busier at least . Okey , lets me give you all my brief first day story . Today , i start my journey from home to school at around 7 am , as my class start on 8 am. Really so early le, in fact , my class start on 8am everyday . Somemore saturday got class from 8am - 2pm , i hate it , sure is part time lecturer again lo. But at least my class didnt end so late everyday . I really pity some of my friend , as their class finish on 7.30 0r 8 pm . Wow , is so late ! =)

Okey , back to my title . After enter to my 8am class at DK 3 , found that many new faces from KTAR . Well , my first lecture is Buiding services & equipment 2 , and is teached by Mr. Ananthan. I fell should be ok for this sub , as i like the way Mr . Ananthan teach , he is a really good lecturer . I know that as he teach my class before on Y1S1 . And after that i also found that many of the new faces are from KTAR Penang . 14 new student from KTAR will enter my course , and the other 20 mew student will join the QS . And my course CM for this sub coursework mark is only 30% , wherelse QS will have 40 % , seem like not fair le. Hehe.So after the lecturer give us some brief introduction about the sub, our class ended on 9am .

After my 1st class finish , i saw my timetable and i saw that i have no more class , as all other class is tutorial, no tutorial on 1st week le. So , me & my coursemates decided to go to office to check whether our last sem result released or not. When we ak the officer in charge , she say the result will only released on friday. OMG ! UTAR really so inefficient.

Then ,since i have no more class, then i go read newspaper at the library since i have the WFC meeting on 4pm. U all sure wonder why i didnt go back home since i have a car . The reason is because the price of petrol is so expensive le.Then about 12 pm , i go to canteen to have my lunch since i lazy to drive out to eat . I order a sambal fried rice , and after i eat the fried rice ,really regret i order it lo. The taste is ok , but the rice is so 'keras', canteen food really so bad . Haihz.Then ,i lepak at canteen.

Then at 4pm , i went for the meeting . Luckily , majority attended the meeting . The meeting end at 6.00 pm .So , i went home. There's end my first day of Y2S1 at UTAR. Wow , my blog really too long winded as what my friend said . i will try cut it short on my next blog . ~chaoz~

P.S: Yoon fei , pls dun be so 'Hap Choou" la , and dun always take me 'guo kiu' . Haha =)


  1. haha they will still "hap chou" and take u to "ko kiu" =) anyway it's my pleasure to meet u and be friends~!!!

  2. Ya,sherril ,that will be sure , they two always 'Chat lei Chat hei', but still can be like nothing happen . But its a good thing though . Nevermind , let they take me ' ko kiu' lo . means i'm welcome by them , haha , =p. I cant stop them though. It's my pleasure tohave a friends like you too! Its great & lucky to know you! Btw , thanks for be the 1st person commenting my blog .You are the lucky one! =)