Thursday, 22 May 2008

My First Ever Blog

Hi there ! Finally i have created my first ever own blog . As my english not that good , do forgive me if i have any spelling mistake. Hehe . Ok , lets back to the main point . You may wonder why i created this blog. Well , i created this blog to share all my thoughts and feeling .Haha, look like i'm writing silly things here . I'm currently pursuing Construction Management at UTAR , and having my 3 weeks holiday .

Lets talk about my holiday life , my holiday is bored.Really , as i just watch Tv , eat , and sleep much all the time. Except that i also attended the orientation committee meeting .Ya , i have joined the Orientation stuff , i'm chosen as the secretary for Welcome Freshmen Concert , its sort of a talent night for the freshie and senior of UTAR. We will have a summer beach party concept for this semester W.F.C . Its seem fun .And i had know may new and great friends! Well , as this week is the orientation week for UTAr , i had go to UTAr on Tuesday for our publicity stuff . While we promoting our event , i had saw really many freshie. And i also recall my first time enter UTAR setapak. They all seem to have innocent looks ( haha, me too last time la, as freshie le ) But luckily , the respons of freshie towards our event is far more better than we expect.Hehe.

Ok, back to the point, That's my holiday life , boring ! But time flew fast . My holiday going to finish soon. Next monday , i will start new semester . But in the mean time, i'm worried and scared to know my result. It will be released by this few days. Hope i passed all my subjects. Pray hard.Good luck to all my UTAR course mates and classmates too! Wow , such a long first post ! hope you all will not be bored viewing my post here. Kaka. Ok, i will try to update my blog frequently. ~Chaoz~

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