Friday, 23 May 2008

What is FRIENDSHIP means to me

Well , just now go checked UTAR intranet , thought already can know my final semester examination result , but at last feel dissapointed because the result havent released yet. But i saw that the Perak campus already isssue their final semester examination. Haihz , UTAR always released the result last minute !Its so torturing that i cannot know the result , although our sub exam paper had been marked . I really feel so 'kan cheong'+curious+scared to know my result. Really Pray hard that i passed all my subject. Another thing is, we cant know our new semester timetable too! Oh my gosh , how are we going to plan our time on monday! Is it we must go UTAR 8 a.m to check our timetable ? and then if or lecture or tutorial start late , we got to wait at UTAR , although we can sleep late a little bit. Haihz. Really frustrated here!

Oh, i had go far beyond my title today, because i just want to shout out my frustrated feeling .hehe . Since i had nothing to write , i had choose to write what FRIENDSHIP means to me. Friends are important in our life , everybody needs friend. Here are what friendship means to me:
R-Respectful & Rare to find
I-Important in my heart
E-Encouragement & Endless
D-Detachable & Decision
H-Honest & Hapiness
I- Ideal
P-Perfect & Pleasure

Okey , i didnt say that every friend have the qualities above , it is just the meaning of friendship to me. Everyone need friends in their life . Friends will be my second important peoples other than my family and relatives . For me , once a friend , forever are friends . Friends are random and rare to find , i really feel lucky to have so many friend . Friends are special to me and i truly keep them in my heart. To become a very good friend , i believe we must respect each other , and believe inm friends. The relationship between friends are unbreakable , the relationship is detachable and strong . For an example , in secondary school and at UTAR foundation , my friend is angry with me for some stuff .We didnt talk for a while , but at last they forgive me , and we are still friends.Thats proved that the bond between friend will not be break easily.

Friends are always there when we need them , they will give us encouragement & cheer us up when we are sad , or share our joy when we are happy. All my friend is really an iudeal friend to me. I really appreciate all my friends & cherish the moment we been together . I want to tell all my friend , i will always be there when you all need me, i can be your listener if you want to shout out your problem and sadness . I can even lend my shoulder for you if you want to cry . So just call me if you need me.

It seems like i had write a very long post here, okey ,got to go first . Will update my blog another time. To all who view my blog , thanks for take some time to view my blog.Hope you all enjoy reading my post . ~chaozs~ =p

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