Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Bad Day!

Okey , i'm repeating and continue to posting this post AGAIN . Let me tell you why , it is because actually i already started writing this post on last wednesday . But when i almost finish this post , my house suddenly no electric! Wow , so cant continue writing . That time i still scared i need to re-write this post . But my friend tell me it will be autosaved .OKey , i'm still new at blogspot leh. So i got to change the title from 'Yesterday and Today" to A Bad Day! =( Now , let me continue my unfinish blog post .

Last Tuesday

Well , i have no lecture and tutorial class on the whole day . Actually , i dont have any class for tuesday based on my timetable. But my timetable may be subjected to be change . But yesterday morning i go to UTAR to help Eric ( Chairman of W.F.C) decorate our booth board at canteen. Well, we decorated the board from 10.30am to about 1.oopm . Then , as i am one of the 'judges' for the audition for recruit talent . Well , so on 1.30pm, i and Sherril ( Program Manager ) go up to SC111 to wait for people to come to audition .We didn't expect much people will voluntarily come for the audition . So , while we waiting for people coming for audition , we chit chat to reduce our boredness at there .

Then at around 3pm,finally got one guy come for the audition , his talent is playing guitar , but his guitar is not in KL . So i called Paul Ang ( Recruitment Manager) to come over to deal with the guy . After Paul deal with the guy , he sit down and chit chat with us as he say the lab is quite hot . Well , he say , already got 2 people come for the audition before this guy . I fouind out that paul actually is a friendly person . I said this because i hardly talk with him during meeting , thought he is very cool.haha. No offence ya ,Paul. Then after a while , he back to lab for his class.

At around 3.30pm , another guy come for audition , so we ask him to perform as he had got a pieces of song and guitar. Then sherril said , " We can be judges ah ?, eric and paul are not here woh." she somemore say," we dont look like judges le." Well , i agreed with her , we really look too young to be the judges le, and also not professional . But i said , " Nevermind la, we just hear how good or bad the guy sing lo." Then we really impressed when he sing and play the guitar so well . But he can be improved since we got training if he been chosen as contestant . So , we ask him to leave contact and Paul will deal with him . He can play guitar and change chord well. I and Sherril know as we both also got learn and play guitar .

Then after that no more people coming ,so we closed our audition at around 5.oopm ,after eric paul , and yoon fei come . Then i go back home , while sherril still need to wait for her class at 6pm , really pity her ..hehe =) Then paul , and eric also went off to do their things . While yoon fei need to wait for her gf .Hehe . That 's what happening on last tuesday .

Last Wednesday

Well , today morning i go to UTAR early to attend my 8am class .It's Mr.Ananthan class , so is kind of good as he is a good lecturer . Then on 12 pm , after that i go help Yoon Fei at the Booth in Canteen, as my class end at 11.00am. Well ,I help Yoon Fei at the booth for promotion of Welcome Freshmen Concert until 2 pm . Then ,after that i went home.I think is like that as i'm already forget it ,this is the part where i edited today , Now.Aiya , dont care di . ~Chaoz~

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