Thursday, 19 June 2008

A random post

Well, just want to share some story with you all here . On this morning , when i ride the LRT to TARC from Kelana Jaya , so when the train reach the station , i want to go inside the train . So , i just stand beside a guy to wait for the lrt door to open. Then the guy suddenly tell me " hey , you know how to que! , people queing ". And i turn back and see , only one people queing behind him. I agreed that i may wrong too . But who is he to scold me woh? so , i just smile and say ok . Either he is angry and want to lepaskan geram , or he tak puas hati i want to cut his que , but i not intend to cut his que la. As if i dont know what and how to que . The guy really so sombong lo. If he say and scold others , i dont know what reaction people will give , mayb worse . Okey , i may be wrong also . But he can just say it out , no need to scold . Well, thats the story i wanted to share with you all. Well, everybody views are different .

Okey , is very late di. wanna gp to sleep di . ~chaoz~ Be happy everyone ! =)

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