Thursday, 12 June 2008

Aaaaaaaargh Another Bad Day

Okey , i already settle down at TARC now , studying Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising) . Already slowly adapted to TARC campus life , and know many new friends too. Okey , at TARC , we need to walk very far from one block to another block under the very hot sun , as TARC is much bigger compared to UTAR .But no worries , i will get used to it soonner or later . =) U all sure wonder why my title for this post is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh another bad day , because today is really my bad day. Firstly , i need to join another three repeat student for my advertising assignment. At first , our class got 21 person , so we got three group with each group seven member , but now three repeat student popped out in our class , so we have to balanced it to 6 member a group , where got 4 group . Haihz! so , i and another two classmates need to form a group with the three repeat student . Geramnya ! i feel doubtful why they need to repeat , and doubtful that will they be a good group member? Can we work well? will they lazy? okey , i want to make myself clear here , i didn't blame anybody as this is fair , as i join the other 6 member last ,so wont blame them. And i just curious why the people repeat , mayb a lil bit prejudis lo. Hope we can be a good team , and work well. But i wonder still got c1 ,c3 and c 4 , why they enter c2? and why me need to join them? why i'm so unlucky? but nevermind di lo..cant change to do assignment with them though .

Then another bad thing today is i need to pay for a book that i not going to used , as i only ask 'the person' to photostat but didnt pay him be4 'the person' go photostat . Yet 'the person' forced me to buy it.Haihz! And end up now i got to ask people to sell it .Haihz!

Then the last thing is as i ride KTM back from TARC , so when i reach the station where i get down from the train , my touch and go card got problem , and i cannot go out the gate . It is late di , and my mum waiting outside the station di. Then i ask the ktm train officer how, he say i needto go to opposite station check the touch and go card. What the .... , so i ran to the opposite station and check and ran back.So , kena scold by mum when go into the car. Haihz!

That's make me a bad and unlucky day today.And makes me moody . But thanks Sher Ryn , for willing to sabar and being my listener , you so sabar even i split out all my feelings and problem to you. Really gladful got a best friend like you . Now i feel better di. At least not that moody di.

Okey ,its very late di. And i;m very tired . Tomorrow got class somemore , and need to go early to school for assignment discussion, so i;m going to sleep now. ~Chaoz~

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