Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Finding a new course

Monday ( 2/6 /08 ) , because now is morning already , is another new day

On the morning , i go to UTAR PJ Head office to check and enquire about the advertising course at UTAR . At there, i talk with the counselor , and when i tell her that i already study CM 1 year at UTAR , and after she look at my SPM result , she say she wonder why i wil be offered CM degree courses by UTAR.Because i get 7D for physic in SPM. She say the CM degree courses have many subject that have many physic , and we must at least get a credit for physic if we want to study the course. Come to think back of it , ya,what the counselor say is right , CM really have sub with many physic part . Why the counselor last time when i fist consult didnt tell me? if she tell me that time , i sure will enroll in another courses. Well, but forget it , i didnt waste any time ,as i also something in CM ,and i may become more matured on choosing the right course for me now . So , after enquire about the course . I take the brochures back to consider . Actually the whole FAS had shifted to Kampar , based on what the counselor told me.

So , after that i went to IACT ( Institute Advertising Communication Training ) at Damansara Utama , at PJ . So , also same , i find athe counselor at there and enquire about the advertising courses at there . Well , IACT is a good institute specialised in advertising and mass communication . My mother's friend introduce this institute and ask us to go enquire about the course here . IACT is acredited by MAA ( Malaysian Advertising Association) and AAAA , don't know what AAAA stand for , forget di . Okey , so i take the brochures and course syllabus to go back consider first .

Then after lunch , i go to TARC to enquire about advertising course . i also meet the counselor and enquire the courses . Same thing ,i also take the brochures to go back and consider . Will be going today ( # June 2008 ) to enquire about the course with the lecturer of SSH . Then i only make decision on which campus i will choose .So i definitely will change course , but now still considering it 1st. My mom also support me. Thanks mom!

At about 4.45 pm , i went back to UTAR Setapak as i got a WElcome Freshmen Concert committee meeting .Actually , the meeting is going to start on 4pm . WEhen i reach canteen , saw that all other committee waiting for me for the meeting , since i'm the secretary and i need to write the minutes . Sorry guys , let you all wait for about 45 minutes. i'm apologize here. =(


To all my UTAR classmates , UTAR coursemates, u all will always be my friend , and i will truly keep our friendship special in my heart. We are always friend forever ! We had be friend for one year . So, you all are all special to me. I reallyappreciate and treasure you all , and cherish the moment we spend together .

To my WFC committee friend , we have been friend for one month ++ , i really appreciate you all , and cherish our moment when we are together whether at meeting or when we chit chat . We are a good team . I really enjoy the moment with you all. It's fun to have meeting with you all , really. You all are all my friend now , we will be friends forever ,as we had create a strong friendship bond between us . I will send the photo we take together to you all through email ,maybe by this few day.

To all UTARian , let me share to you some major event that will be happening at UTAR on this June .the evenbt are as folllowing :

Date : 04-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 11.00am - 6.00pm
Venue: FES campus

On that day, there will be booths selling all sorts of things for fund-raising. There will be several guests as well as performances. Society recruitments will be done as well. Do come Support !

Talent Time Night
Date : 11-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: FICT (PJ - PD block)

This event is basically an event where freshmen from Foundation, FAS, FICT, FES and FAM will be competing against themself and perform their hidden talents. Do come and support your own faculty talented freshmen!!

FES Welcome Freshmen Concert
Date : 13-June-2008 (Friday)
Time : 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: FES - SD car park (outdoor)

The winners of Talent Time Night will showcase their talents on this day. This concert is meant to let FES freshmen have fun and get to know each other. Of course, seniors are welcome to come too~!! There will be guest performances as well.
All freshmen and UTAR-ians in FES, you can now redeem your tickets at our booth at canteen. You'll just need to show your ID card to redeem.

FAM Welcome Freshmen Concert
Date : 18-June-2008 (Wednesday)
Venue: FAM

It's the same concept as FES WFC. Do attend and have fun!

okey , very tired now . Going to sleep lo. =) ~chaoz~


  1. hey the part "major events in UTAR" is soooo familar. hehee... thanks for promoting it anyway

  2. Hehe , haha , ya i got copy a little part from your blog la.. Helping to promote it also le. i'm utarian before also . So , sure want to ask people to come support. =) Hope you dont mind . blek =p