Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Exam Result Sucks

Okey , this post will a short post . Just to shout out my frustrated and moody feeling when i get my last semester examination results at UTAR .

Last Friday
On the afternoon , i go to UTAR intranet to check if my result had come out or not.Then , i saw that the exam result had come out . In fact , the exam result had come out on the previous day. When i login and saw my result , i was shocked and sad , my exam result is so terrible . I failed 3 sub out of 6 sub . Then tell my mom, my mom ask me why i failed so many sub. Then i think about it , maybe i'm not interested in what i'm studying now ,which is CM degree course at UTAR. And i force my self to study and pass the sub. In fact , i choose CM last time ,because many of my aunty and uncle also study this course last time and working well now, so i thought i can consult them. I have no target and dream that time , because i just after form 5 le when i choose the course . So i'm thinking to change course , as i dont wabt to struggling study something i'm not interested di . So , i thought of changing to advertising courses. THis course can be considered as i like it , and it will of course more easier than the science courses like what i'm currently study .

That's all ~Chaoz~

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