Friday, 6 June 2008

My New life at TARC

Well , on yesterday ( 6/5/08 ) , i had start study at TARC , pursuing Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising) . Well , when reach to TARC , 1st thing i do is pay my fees . Then . after paying fees , i go report at School of Social Science and Humanities ( SSSH) After report to the school and get which class i'm in, i straight go checked my timetable at the notice board to ensure that i didnt miss any lecture and tutorial anymore. Well, i'm in DAV1 /C2 . My timetable is still ok,but somehow packed on somne day. Monday , Wednesday , and Thursday end class on 6pm, which is quite late , and somemore i using public transport . travel to KTAR by LRT and KTM.So , have to get inside the "Sardine fish" KTM after 6pm ,as that's the hectic hour. LRT is still ok. Moreover. the hot issue now is the price of the petrol increase , and is Increased till RM2.70/litre. Better use publyc transport more , at least save petrol fuel. But the worst thing , is price of everything also increased , including the public transport like bus . Okey , back to the topic. I have no class on Tuesday , then one class on friday , abnd one class on saturday. Aiya, same situation as i'm in UTAR , Tuesday no class , but saturday have to come for class. And wednesday somemore no lunchbreak, from 10a.m to 6p.m got lecture & tutorial non stop,really damn charm ! =(

Okey , when i go into the class on 2pm that day , saw many girls on my class than boys. Well , that's normal in mass communication. Well , met some new friend ( guys) , all the girl classmates i still do not know them .Well, the boy classmates in my class i quite kind and welcome and talk with me. The couse rep is in my class , he is also a kind guy , and my class rep too, is a nice and friendly guy . Both of them is friendly and easy to talk to .This make me feel better ,at least i had know some new friend. So , yesterday i had attend english language first lecture and introduction to mass communication tutorial. And today attend the first English Language Tutorial . Well , it's seem that i miss many lecture , and i can only see the lecturer and tutor by next week , hope that i can catch up by then . And hope that i will know more friends and my new classmates by next week. Well, by now , i stil blur blur le at TARC .haha =)

And now , i want to thanks all my my friend that so supportive and cheer me up when i changed my course and study advertising at TARC . U all are my best friend forever, love u all , muacks ! will miss you all . All the best and good luck in pursuing your dreams too, friend , dont give up! Thanks so much , my lovely friend . Really appreciate it much!=)

okey , next friday ( 13 June 2008 ) is the Welcome Freshmen Concert at UTAR Setapak FES SD
block car park , from 6 pm - 9 pm. Although i had withdrawn from UTAR but i'm are the Welcome Freshmen comittee previously, so i will for sure go to watch the Welcome Freshmen concert. and i will also help out that day , i'm a helper also. Do come support it! For those UTARian that interested , you can get the ticket free , at the canteen Welcome Freshmen Concert booth , u just need to show your student id , to redeem the free ticket. u can redeem everyday. hehe . Will post on all my friend on the next few post . ~Chaoz~ =)


  1. wow.. first time here.. nice blog.. keep it up XD

  2. Hey , thanks Joven, when you are free ? really long time didnt meet.hehe . Mayb we can go out 'yum cha' ..hehe I think will have many chances , as i'm going to be your neighbour again. Same neighbourhood , same bandar ma..Hehe . Ok , see you , best friend .keke =)