Wednesday, 4 June 2008

TARC Here I Go

Okey ,well , i'm already withdrawn from UTAR today , and change course and college , i will be study Diploma In Mass Communication ( Advertising ) at TARCollege . Hope i had choose the right course , as i'm interested at the course. Today , i already get the offer letter from TARC after waited for 2 hours only after submit the application form. WHile waited for the offer letter to be out , i went over to UTAR to settle all my thing , included give the wirthdrawal form to the officer in charge in the office . Today UTAR is quite 'meriah' , as today is FEStival , many booth selling food and drinks there and got performances too. Well , when i leave UTAR to go over TARC to take my offer letter , suddenly relly feel 'berat hati le , tears almost come out , but i didnt cry la of course . Maybe too many memories of me and my friend at UTAR ,as i already study 1 year at UTAR FES ,with same gang of friend . To all my UTARian friends ,no matter we are classmates or coursemates or my other UTAR friend , i really love u all , muacks !!! All the best and good luck in your future studies. I will always go back UTAR to find you all when i'm free . After all, i just study next door only . We can even go out 'yum cha' .Hehe . Hey,Sherril , Eric , Adrian , Shen chie , Kok Sheng , Tzyy Shyuan , Onn Sein , and Yoon Fei , I already send the photo to you all to your hotmail , and i also uploaded it at friendster . You all go check it la.If didnt get it , tell me on this sunday rehearsal . Okay , want to go sleep di.Tomorrow i will start my college life at TARC after i pay my fees . ~Chaoz~

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