Thursday, 19 June 2008

Welcome Freshmen Concert Rockzz ! ( continued )

Onn Sein
Ermm, this girl is the sponsorship manager . She is crazy sometime ,and she is a active girl too. Well, get to know her after few meetings . She is a friendly and good girl. Her english is very good . A dedicated committee also . She's a good friend! Dont what else i can describe about her.

Yoon Fei
He is the publicity manager . He did a great job too. His 'hap chou ' ness is so high. lol a friendly guy too . He got a good sense of humour too. Can joke well. =) a good friend also! is lucky to have a friend like him.

Boon Siew
She is the refreshment manager . she 'ta pau' a really big pack and cheap fried meehoon for the helper and committee . hehe, thanks for the fried meehoon ya! she is a friendly and kind friend too !

Choon Siong
The technical manager of WFC . he control all the technical things of W.F.C . A handy man too! Good in doing technical things. =) a good joker too! And a good friend . =)

Kok Sheng
He is the stage manager . A dedicated committee i can say . A friendly guy too! =) Glad to have him as my friend .

Okey , to all my committee friend , if i wrongly describe you all, or tersinggung your perasaan, i really truthly sorry ya. Just tell me if i tersinggung your perasaan ya . =) We are friends forever ! ~cheers~

Sorry guys , i will post the picture taken that night on later post due to some technical problem.=)

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