Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Welcome Freshmen Concert Rockzz !

eHi there , finally blogging again.hehe . well, actually i have the urge to blog , but this few day really freaking busy and tired . Ok , let me update you with the Welcome Freshmen Concert held on last friday . Ok, although i'm not UTAR student anymore , but i still go back on that day to watch the concert. The reason is i really miss my committe friends there , and i surely want to watch it as i also got contributes in organizing the event . Futhermore , i want to suppot it! =) Ermm, the Welcome Freshmen concert went on well that day , except mayb a lil bit technical problem . Luckily that day didn't rain, the weather is so good . There are few performances on that night . The Champion of T.T night P.J , Joyce Tan from FAM performance is the highlight of the night , she perform 2 performances , that is dancing and singing. Our FES contestant Duncan also got perform that night, he sing and play guitar , it's so good. ( wonder why he didnt get 2nd or 3rd prize lol ) And the FAS chairman also perform by singing a song called 'he chai bei jing ' , he somemore change the beijing to UTAR . Haha . well , there are about 140 people attended the Welcome Freshmen Concert , which is quite good for an event at UTAR . Many VVIPs of UTAR also attended the event. The commercial break acted by the committee member also best of the best ! The president of UTAR also praise that we did a good job at passing the No Smoking , No Alcohol , and No Drug message to the student by acted the commercial break. LOL

Okey, the event went so well because of all the committee work silently behind the scene in organising the Welcome Freshmen Concert ! A big applause and clap too the following people! :

He is the chairman of Welcome Freshmen Concert . Well, he is a very kind 'a tao' or chairman.
He really good at conduct the meeting and give us what to do and what to do.Hehe Well, he is also got good sense of humour . He not that very serious type chairman, sometime he can laugh and smile together with us . =) He is a good guy and kind guy . =) He is also a friendly guy , we can talk very easily . A great friend too! Really good to have a friend like him.

He is the treasurer of W.F.C .This guy is funny , he always like to joke . =) He is also cute ( like doraemon) ,Oh no , i will surely be killed if he saw this lol. He is a friendly guy though , we always can chat so easily . =) Dont know what else can i describe about him. Ermm, he is a really good friend , really happy and lucky to know him.

She is the WFC Programme Manager . This girl here is a active , bubbly , chubby girl. =p well, she is dedicated to her job. She really did a great job as programme manager . The event really planned well by her. Hehe . Okey , she a crazy blue lovers , crazy till story book also want blue color. Lol . She is also a Jay Chou fans . she is also blur blur sometime , and like to daydream some time. Spotted her daydream during the second WFC meeting . Haha . =) She is a active and friendly girl,easy to communicate with . Really glad and grateful to know and be friends with her . A nice friend . =)

Tzyy shyuan
Okey , She is the WFC decoration manager . His drawing is really good . The poster , leaflet and backdrop draw by her really look very very nice .Can be a future designer di . lol She is a good and kind friend too. An active girl, always travel. =) This girl is a creative girl. She also dedicated to her job . Glad to have a friend like her .

Okey , this guy is the logistic manager , He is a friendly guy. Easily talk to.Ermm , a good friend too!

He is the recruitment manager , he is a kind and friendly guy too . Dont see he sometime cool cool ,he really friendly . He is a good emcee too. =)

Shen Chie
She is the PR manager . She is the first committe friend i know , because as she is the secretary for WFC last sem. she teach me many things about my job as secretary , such as booking venue , where to get attendance form etc . A really friendly and helpful girl . and of course a great friend too! She also did a great job as PR manager ,as she dedicated and prepare all the invitation card.

To be continued

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