Thursday, 3 July 2008

A Short Update of me

Okey , i had not update my blog long long time. Let me tell you the reason :
1.I just shifted to my new house last last week, so is still messy , and i'm just settle down.
2. My house got telephone line , but the TM say my new house telephone line got problem . So , need to wait for 2 more month only can fixed the telephone line!!! What the h***!
3.So , without telephone line , i cannot transfer my streamyx from my old house to new house.Conclusion is i cannot use internet for this two month at home !
4. I'm busy with my assignment and test nowadays.
Okey , my mum now always go complain the TM, coz they promised us that we just need to await for few days only then can use telephone and streamyx di! but the TM officer keep saying we need to wait for 2 month now. And we must terminated the streamyx. If not , the streamyx monthly bill will still come, and we need to pay the service. But if we terminate , we need to pay for the installation fee again when we register once more , the fee is so expensive and not worth it la. I need innternet to do research for my assignment! So , i need to go to the internet cafe near my new house, it charge RM5 for 3 hour, luckily it quite reasonable.

You sure wonder why i so free blogging here in this time. At first , i'm supposed to having my assignment discussion now , but they suddenly can't turn up for the discussion. Actually is 1 of them cannot attend only as she not feeling well, but the other 2 member also doesn't want to come also. They say nothing else to discuss. But actually we got plenty thing to discus le! Then we need to find another day discuss again! This is what i had expected! they 3 are repeat student ma! So , i and my friend ,which is also 1 of my assignment group member come to Computer lab , after they suddenly say they cant come for the discussion . So i'm blogging now at TARC as my next class start on 2pm. A little bit moody now =(

Okey , i got two test on next wednesday . Two test on the same day . I will blog less for this two month as i dont have internet acess at home yet . ~Chaoz~

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