Monday, 14 July 2008

Difference Between Universities Student and College Student

Yeah ! Finally got the time to blog ! Been busy this few weeks with whole pile of assignments and test . Now , i already finished my design assignment , advertising assignment , mass comm assignment , hubungan etnik assignment and it assignment . And i also have gone through many mid-term test di. Finally , can relax for few days , as this friday i got I.T test ! Got to start study . Good luck to all my classmates and coursemates who going to take this exam ! Gambateh! =)

Okey , back to my topic today , the differences between a universities student and college student . Okey , as i study at UTAR before , i have an experience to be a university student . And now i being a college student , i found out many differences between college student and universities student. The differences are as below :

i) The universities student is more matured than the college student .
ii) The universities student is more disciplined than the college student
iii)The universities student will be more 'kan cheong' about the upcoming test and assignment .

Okey , that's the differences . I got to go . Got class on 10 pm . Have a nice day!

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