Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fed-up with one of my friends !

On last thursday , i as usual go to the table tennis cocuriculum class. The jurulatih ask us to play single amd double table tennis match. The single table tennis match goes well . Then for the table tennis double match . My friend ask me to join him, he is so good in table tennis .So when we play , i got play but just not that good and lagi nervous and stress when got a so good partner . So , i just play wrong and terrible. Then , my friend started to scold and show me a sour face when we keep on losing . Ok , that's my fault so i 'm fine with it . Then , i get frustrated when my partner which is also my friend started to talk rude word like " diu lei" . I get so angry as i hate people say rude word in front of me . So , i scold and ask him to not scolding rude words in front of me. I get so moody after that . Luckily , i'm that type of will get back to normal fast . So , i just angry for him for mayb 1 hour , and my mood back to normal. Ok , this is a short post . =)

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