Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm back to blogging!

Hi there everyone . Finally i can update my blog di , as my house finally got streamyx di ! Yeah, miss my blog so much . Sorry for so long didn't update my blog ya ! been busy for assignment this few week . Ok , first i want to ask all the people to boycot metrobus . The reason is :
1. Last last tuesday ,when i ride metrobus , he can go to TBR lorong & u-turn , then go take passenger again after fetch passenger like me and others. The bus suppose to go to the Wangsa Maju LRT straight . The bus driver like tipu orang & tak malu de.

2. The Metrobus always wait for many people come up to the bus only go to their destination although it suppose to folow the bus schedule , but the driver didn't follow de . I'm been experiencing waiting in the bus for 30 minutes ,the bus only go off. So , is advisable not to ride Metrobus if you are rushing or late .

3. The metrobus driver always drive recklessly . Got one time , the bus driver drive so fast and brake so hard and the passenger standing on the bus also like want to bang to front . And the people who give ticket also say the bus driver gila de .

4. The metrobus driver will simply overtake other metrobus. Like last friday , i take the metrobus to lrt station and the driver overtake another metrobus in the opposite road . The bus driver 'ge ge lai' and forced another metrobus to stop in the middle of the road. It is so dangerous . The bus driver didn't even concern for the safety of the passenger . The bus driver like racing with other metrobus. He is so selfish . haih =(

5. The metrobus will pick the passenger at any point of the road. The bus will stop anywhere to pick passenger.

That's the reason , but is your own choice to choose whether to take metrobus or not . I more orefer to take either rapidkl or TARC bus to LRT station . But on last friday , when i take rapid kl from lrt station back to my home . the rapid kl also overtake another rapidkl and like racing with another rapidkl in the federal highway. Haih , the TARCollege bus is the safetest bus! Cheers! =)

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  1. Haha... Hann Yaw, biasa le Metro Bus drivers... every time I take that bus home, I feel so sickening coz of the way they drive. Some even smoke in the bus itself. So inconsiderate!

    But what other choice do we have? gotta bear with it le hor...