Sunday, 28 September 2008

My working life at 1U

Hi, seems like i didn't blog for a long time di. Okey , let me tell you how's my working life in bodyglove 1u. After working for so many day , i finally know that money is hard to earn. I need to stand and promote the cloth to the customer almost 8 hours per day.It is quite tired and boring in the same time. I got think before to stop doing the job, but at last i still continue to work , if not what should i di at home? and i also want to save money to buy a laptop. Hehe . Well, all my colleague is very good and kind to me. The only thing is you need to tahan the customer , as some customer is not that good. Ermm, i have met many customer and sold many shirt and pants to them . Some customer is very kind but some is not . I had been scold by a customer , that is 'sot sot de, lagi she was my last customer for that particular day. Phew ! I also met many men customer that buy ladies wear , the so called 'ah gua' . Hehe . Ok , that's all i want to share . I will be working full tomorrow , 10am- 10 pm, don't know how to tahan tomorrow haih.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

My holiday life

Ok, first of all , nothing special about my holiday . Yesterday went to 1U to watch "Money Not Enough 2" movie with my relatives . "Money not enough 2 " is acted by famous singapore actor , Liang Zhi Qiang ( translation from chinese name) , Mark Lee , and Henry (oops, forgot his surname ) , nevermind . Okey , this movie is a little bit different from the previous I'm not stupid , and i'm not stupid 2 , which is also acted and directed by Liang Zhi Qiang too . This movie is quite touching and humorous > so , it is a great movie . Want to know more about the movie ? Just go watch it ! haha . Then today go 1U again , today is to find a part time job since i'm boring at home . So , after looking around the mall , i apply the Bodyglove shop , work as partimer , RM4 per hour , not bad , right? Most probably i will start the job on this saturday . Hehe . So , whoever pass by the shop , can come and visit me la. =) Okey , today post is another short post . Oo , found out that this few days ,my blog post become so so short compared to my first super long post . Maybe i become lazy as i didn't post for a quite long time . Hehe . But nevermind , because i still post and update my blog . Haha =) Stop crapping ! I still got one more day to rest and do whatever i like at my home , then off to work . Ok, till then . I will try update my blog more often .

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Yeah, holiday!

I finally have 3 weeks holiday ! after all the hectic exam ! But overall my exam is still ok la, at least i think i can pass . I only scared i will fail my hubungan etnik exam . But for right now , i just want to enjoy my holiday , and not to worry about my exam result. Hehe =) Hopefully tomorrow i'm going to go 1U to find a part time job . although just first day holiday , but just feel that a little bit boring . At least working part time can get some experience , and spend some time working . By the way , i already add a poll in my blog about how's my blog . So , just help me comment about my blog . Thanks =) Another short post here . -END-

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Time to update my blog !

Hi , firstly i want to say sorry to all my readers for not updating my blog so long . Because i have exam , and always study and hardly online . And because i didn't post any blog entry so long , i begin to become lazy to blog . But i'm now still here blogging , because why open a blog and you didn't post anything . Okey , stop crapping . Today i just have my introduction to Adverting exam , i think is ok , at least i confidencde i can pass . But i scared i will failed yesterday paper that is Hubungan Etnik exam lo although got 3o objective question . But is kind of hard , all the esei question is like your own opinion question ,and got one question 'kontrak sosial' i even don't know what is that ,because i never read it , so i simply write , crapping here and there . Wish me luck , hope i can at least passed the exam . I don't wan't to resit ! As for other 3 exam , i think is ok , can pass gua . Hehe . I still got 1 more exam that is design exam . The design exam got a question that we need to draw a poster using our own created logo , my drawing is so bad ! somemore the question very high marks , haih ! Okey , all the best and good luck , everyone !
Do you discover that the political news had become entertainment news . Everyday sure got a new news about the political news . Really lazy and tired of malaysia politic . Like today ISA . Again a big news . Wow , don't know what more political news will come out in the newspaper . =) Okey, nothing to write already . I have 1 more exam to go ! Gambateh ! - END-