Thursday, 18 September 2008

My holiday life

Ok, first of all , nothing special about my holiday . Yesterday went to 1U to watch "Money Not Enough 2" movie with my relatives . "Money not enough 2 " is acted by famous singapore actor , Liang Zhi Qiang ( translation from chinese name) , Mark Lee , and Henry (oops, forgot his surname ) , nevermind . Okey , this movie is a little bit different from the previous I'm not stupid , and i'm not stupid 2 , which is also acted and directed by Liang Zhi Qiang too . This movie is quite touching and humorous > so , it is a great movie . Want to know more about the movie ? Just go watch it ! haha . Then today go 1U again , today is to find a part time job since i'm boring at home . So , after looking around the mall , i apply the Bodyglove shop , work as partimer , RM4 per hour , not bad , right? Most probably i will start the job on this saturday . Hehe . So , whoever pass by the shop , can come and visit me la. =) Okey , today post is another short post . Oo , found out that this few days ,my blog post become so so short compared to my first super long post . Maybe i become lazy as i didn't post for a quite long time . Hehe . But nevermind , because i still post and update my blog . Haha =) Stop crapping ! I still got one more day to rest and do whatever i like at my home , then off to work . Ok, till then . I will try update my blog more often .

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