Saturday, 13 September 2008

Time to update my blog !

Hi , firstly i want to say sorry to all my readers for not updating my blog so long . Because i have exam , and always study and hardly online . And because i didn't post any blog entry so long , i begin to become lazy to blog . But i'm now still here blogging , because why open a blog and you didn't post anything . Okey , stop crapping . Today i just have my introduction to Adverting exam , i think is ok , at least i confidencde i can pass . But i scared i will failed yesterday paper that is Hubungan Etnik exam lo although got 3o objective question . But is kind of hard , all the esei question is like your own opinion question ,and got one question 'kontrak sosial' i even don't know what is that ,because i never read it , so i simply write , crapping here and there . Wish me luck , hope i can at least passed the exam . I don't wan't to resit ! As for other 3 exam , i think is ok , can pass gua . Hehe . I still got 1 more exam that is design exam . The design exam got a question that we need to draw a poster using our own created logo , my drawing is so bad ! somemore the question very high marks , haih ! Okey , all the best and good luck , everyone !
Do you discover that the political news had become entertainment news . Everyday sure got a new news about the political news . Really lazy and tired of malaysia politic . Like today ISA . Again a big news . Wow , don't know what more political news will come out in the newspaper . =) Okey, nothing to write already . I have 1 more exam to go ! Gambateh ! - END-

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