Thursday, 30 October 2008

Another Random Post

Hi , everyone , sorry for not updating my blog for so long ya ! been busy & nothing to write . Feel like starting to fill lazy to blog di . charm lo. Any way , life like normal , everyday go to college and study and do assignment . Now need to rush for my design assignment as next week need to submit the assignment di . Till then . This is a super super short post . LOl

Monday, 20 October 2008

Finally get to know my CGPA today !

Yeah , just calculated my CGPA based on the new grading system. I get CGPA 3.125 . That's great ! I'm not trying to be boastful or show off here ya . I need to work harder on this semester to get a better result and a better CGPA. Eventually , the new grading system is not that strict like last time , the gpa is higher . But you will fail if you get C- and below . Okey , that's all for today. This is a really very short post . What to do , cant think of anything to write . Typing this post at TARC comp. lab , because need to wait for 4pm lecture =( . Till then.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Semester 2 life

Hi guys , sorry for didn't update my blog for so long . The reason is i becoming lazy to blogging . but i do miss blogging ,ok . Hehe . Well, let's talk about my new semester in TARC . Well , in this semester , i need to study 6 subject , which are photography , english for communication , design 2 , intro to electronic publishing , B.M lanjustan , and tamadun islam dan asia. Everything is fine , except that i need to spend a lot of money this semester . Need to buy 2 text book , then 2 sketch book , already cost me about Rm 50 di lo. Some more we need to buy a DSLR camera for photography , it cost about Rm 1500. But i'm not going to buy it , most probably share with friend , or rent lo. Well, today my sem 1 result just released , my result not too bad . I get 1 A , 1 B , 1 B+ , and 3 B- . Luckily i passed all my subject , no need to resit , safe the hassle. I still scared my H.E and Design 1 failed , luckily no, phew ! =) but i'm going to work harder this sem to get a better result . Gambateh to me and everyone ! =) Okie , another short post here.