Monday, 20 October 2008

Finally get to know my CGPA today !

Yeah , just calculated my CGPA based on the new grading system. I get CGPA 3.125 . That's great ! I'm not trying to be boastful or show off here ya . I need to work harder on this semester to get a better result and a better CGPA. Eventually , the new grading system is not that strict like last time , the gpa is higher . But you will fail if you get C- and below . Okey , that's all for today. This is a really very short post . What to do , cant think of anything to write . Typing this post at TARC comp. lab , because need to wait for 4pm lecture =( . Till then.


  1. kudos!! congrats for getting good results..gambate net sem..i need to gambate as well..hehe

  2. o ..okie, thanks a lot ,onn sein..Hehe.. Ya , we two gambate together ! =)