Thursday, 6 November 2008

Busy life with Assignment

Hi , everyone , sorry because of abandon my blog so long .I love my bloggie , but due to my busy-ness rushing for my assignment , and my comp. very lag, so i stop blog for a while . Now ,i'm going to update you all with my latest life. Well , currently , i just finish 1 design individual assignment , still got many to go . Let's talk about my design assignment 1 ,i have finish my design assignment in 1 day .on last saturday , as the submission date is on monday . Then , on monday ,we show our assignment to Mr. Oliver ,and he ask us all the DAV to redo it ,and submit on tuesday . What? we need to do it again. And i already spend much mony on printing this assignment.You imagine , i already spend about RM 80 for the 1st assignment , how about another 4 design assignment , Haih. What i hate is i need to take the big mounting board home by LRT . It's so troublesome . What's more . that evening raining when i on the way to our college bus stop . The 2 mounting board surely will wet , luckily the mounting board is a polycarbonated mounting board , it is made of plastic , and the wet mounting board can be wipe off . Well, we already know mr. oliver standar is very high.But we not professional ,ok. What to do ! haih =( . Okey , stop crapping about the design assignment . Well, basically , i got 9 more assignment coming, it's all jumble up together at the same time.Will be very busy ! =( And i just had my E.P smalll test on this tuesday , luckily i correct all ,it's a crossword puzzle question , as i barely study it .

Okey , yesterday morning i go to KLCC with my friend to do our photography assignment . We need to capture some picture with plastic , metal , food , wood/plastic , and glass . So after capturing the wood , metal and glass properties . Then we go for our 'breakfast ' and can also capture the food . We go to dome to eat , then go to sushi king , and lastly go for a sandwich at the signatures food court . We sacrifice for our assignment . Everyone is so full after that . Then , we headed back to our school to attend our phtography tutorial + practical ,actually we already late for our class . =p And we show the picture we capture to the tutor , and he say some good , and some didnt focus on the object . So , we will need to do it again another day . Anyone can suggest where is the place we can capture the four properties all together? please give us some ideas. thanks =)
Well , nothing more to write , just as normal , i go to college study everyday , and i'm typing this blog at the library ,as my class only start at 10am.I will update the KLCC photo soon. Lol . Till then.

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