Tuesday, 30 December 2008

1 more day to a New Year 2009

Have you prepared to welcome the year 2009 . You should , if not , you better prepare yourself and accomplished all the stuff you want to finish in the year 2008 ,as the year 2008 is just left 1 more day and year 2009 will be coming . Okie , guys and gurl , so how's your christmas? As for me, i have a good christmas dinner at my mum friend house . The food there is nice . Then on 26 dec 2008 , i went to Hotel Armada at P.J to attend one of my mum close friend buffet dinner . The food there is very nice, there are many type of dishes. The buffet also got japanese sushi and tempura , while there are many type of cakes to eat . But the best cake among all was their hotel made carrot cake and their famous cheese cake . I eat so much that day , eat until so full , then i still go eat their ice - cream. I ate the turkey that i suppose was prepared for christmas . The turkey was very nice . Then on 27 Dec 2008 , i attend a wedding dinner at PJ Hilton . Really ate a lot this few days . On 28 Dec 2008 , i went to Sunway Pyramids . And today i and my mum went to Nilai 3 to do a new seat cover for my car seat . It's really a busy weekend for me. Sorry ya , i din't took any photo . How's yours ? Hope it was a nice one ! Okie , till then.

-Hann Yaw -

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Random Post

Do people really need Gucci, LV, Prada products to make them happy and feel being upgradedtoan 'upper-class'? Do people really need to purchase few hundred dollars branded shoes just to make them smile? Do guys really need to buy 99 flowers for their partner just to make them right? Does one really need a SLR to take a good decent picture? Our world has filled with all these luxuries which are spoiling and pampering us.. People used to move around by 'No.11 Bus' , but presently people able to enjoy in chilling air-conditioned car. Our world has changed,It can be called the materialistic evolution , but anyway, face it.. everyone is materialistic in some way..it all depends on us, either it's more or less....
-Found this from one's random blog and I think it's quite interesting to share with -
- Hann Yaw-

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 to all

I get my examination timetable today , my final exam will start on 14 january 2009 , and end at 5 february 2009 . Aaarh ! Chinese New Year also need to study ! Rawr ! Anyway , christmas is drawing near . What' your plan ,guys ? Hopes you got a joyful christmas celebration . As for me , i have a long weekend holiday . from this thursday to next tuesday . Cool . I will have a christmas dinner on christmas day , and some wedding dinner during the weekend . Hehe . =) and year 2008 going to passed and year 2009 coming soon . Its so fast . Okey , wish all the people Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Gambateh to all who need to study for the final exam ! Good Luck ! =)
- Hann Yaw -

Saturday, 20 December 2008

17 December 2008 - My Birthday Celebration

On that day , i get many birthday wishes sms once i woke up . Then ,at the afternoon , i'm been suprised by my friend as they bring a cake out and celebrated with me after having our meal at a cafe. And at that night , i celebrated my birthday with my family . Well , i'm officially 20 years old ! I'm getting older . Thanks to all my friends who celebrate my birthday with me ! and also thanks to those who wish me happy birthday whther through friendster , sms , facebook , or cbox . Thanks a lot ! You all make my day ! =) I love all the present so much ! =)

Photo :

My Birthday cake - German Black Forest , chosen by me .the cake i celebrated with my family ! Yummy !

My delicious birthday Cake ! Me and my Cousin Me and my cousin again

Sunday, 14 December 2008

An Unlucky Day !

11 december 2008
Based on my title , that day is reallly my bad and unlucky day . Let me tell you what happen.
On that day , on my way back to my home in LRT , i'm not feeling well , my stomach were extremely pain and uncomfortable , i keep 'burg' out the gas. So , when i reach Dang Wangi LRT station about 6.30pm , I really feel like want to vomit , so i ran down the LRT and vomit at the dustbin. In fact , i already vomitted a bit at the LRT . Everyone looked at me , it's so embarrasing .Then , i still vommitted a little bit at toilet and clean myself in the toilet . Luckily , my friend , Teri ,are there to help me buy tissue and everything . Thanks a lot to Teri , So , after i reach home, i only think back must be the mixed rice i ate at the TAR College canteen 2 at the afternoon caused the food poisoning. But after eating the medicine , i feel much better now . Dont ever eat at TAR College canteen 2 again ! It make me suffer so much . Haih !

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Monday, 8 December 2008

Photography Assignment 1 Photoshoot

Hi, for completing our pair group assignment , we go to taman metropolitan to take the photo. The 4 photo element of the photo are metal , glass , wood /plastic , and food + beverage

Here's the photo :

Taman Metropolitan