Saturday, 20 December 2008

17 December 2008 - My Birthday Celebration

On that day , i get many birthday wishes sms once i woke up . Then ,at the afternoon , i'm been suprised by my friend as they bring a cake out and celebrated with me after having our meal at a cafe. And at that night , i celebrated my birthday with my family . Well , i'm officially 20 years old ! I'm getting older . Thanks to all my friends who celebrate my birthday with me ! and also thanks to those who wish me happy birthday whther through friendster , sms , facebook , or cbox . Thanks a lot ! You all make my day ! =) I love all the present so much ! =)

Photo :

My Birthday cake - German Black Forest , chosen by me .the cake i celebrated with my family ! Yummy !

My delicious birthday Cake ! Me and my Cousin Me and my cousin again


  1. haha why u didn smile in the pictures

  2. happy belated birthday!!!!

  3. haha, dunno le..normally i will smile one , but dunno why that day didnt smile , mayb not in a good mood gua . Lol . haha . thanks for visiting anyway . =)

  4. Onn Sein , Thanks a lot ! It's so nice of you ! Take care ya ! =)