Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Random Post

Do people really need Gucci, LV, Prada products to make them happy and feel being upgradedtoan 'upper-class'? Do people really need to purchase few hundred dollars branded shoes just to make them smile? Do guys really need to buy 99 flowers for their partner just to make them right? Does one really need a SLR to take a good decent picture? Our world has filled with all these luxuries which are spoiling and pampering us.. People used to move around by 'No.11 Bus' , but presently people able to enjoy in chilling air-conditioned car. Our world has changed,It can be called the materialistic evolution , but anyway, face it.. everyone is materialistic in some way..it all depends on us, either it's more or less....
-Found this from one's random blog and I think it's quite interesting to share with -
- Hann Yaw-


  1. Hmm.
    actually if one can afford such luxury stuff then is fine since they earn every penny themselves and they have the right to spend on things they want to make them happy.
    Luxury brands and cars represent an individual status,is important.
    But if you cant afford it you rather starve and save money to buy a branded bag then i think is quite stupid but hence is GIRLS they just love pretty things hehe

  2. hehe..yea la, you all girls like pretty things la..lol..hehe =)