Sunday, 14 December 2008

An Unlucky Day !

11 december 2008
Based on my title , that day is reallly my bad and unlucky day . Let me tell you what happen.
On that day , on my way back to my home in LRT , i'm not feeling well , my stomach were extremely pain and uncomfortable , i keep 'burg' out the gas. So , when i reach Dang Wangi LRT station about 6.30pm , I really feel like want to vomit , so i ran down the LRT and vomit at the dustbin. In fact , i already vomitted a bit at the LRT . Everyone looked at me , it's so embarrasing .Then , i still vommitted a little bit at toilet and clean myself in the toilet . Luckily , my friend , Teri ,are there to help me buy tissue and everything . Thanks a lot to Teri , So , after i reach home, i only think back must be the mixed rice i ate at the TAR College canteen 2 at the afternoon caused the food poisoning. But after eating the medicine , i feel much better now . Dont ever eat at TAR College canteen 2 again ! It make me suffer so much . Haih !


  1. wah....din eat in the canteen, go where to eat wor..

  2. haha , go TBR eat lo . Dont trust canteen food di . Trauma. Haha ! dont want to sik again le . lol =)