Friday, 30 January 2009

Gathering at Gasoline 29/01/09

I have a gathering with 2 of my UTAR foundation best friend , Sher Ryn and Moon . We meet up and dine at gasoline at Metro Prima , Kepong . We had chat non stop , and we chit chat about all the things last time during foundation . Really miss memories and moments during my foundation . We had be friends for 2 year ++ . almost 3 years lo. This 2 friend are among the friend i made when i just enter UTAR . Really happy to have this 2 best friend . And very happy to meet back them , we didin't met for very long time di . They bring joy and hapiness in my UTAR foundation life . Enjoy the chat with them .Haha =)

Photo :
Moon ( left ) and Sher Ryn ( Right )
Sher Ryn ( Left ) and Me ( Right )

Moon ( Left ) and Me ( Right )
Moon ( Left ) , Sher Ryn ( Middle ) , and Me ( Right )
Oh my gosh , started to miss them di . Take care ya , my two lovely best friend . Hope to see you all soon . Looking forward for our next gathering . Okey , Good Night !
- Till Then-
Hann Yaw signoff

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friend , family , relatives , and all the people i know ! This year i celebrated chinese new year at my home at Kota D'sara , Selangor . Okey , i have my reunion dinner at my aunty house at USJ , Subang Jaya . The reunion dinner is delicious . have 10 dishes all. Well, i enjoy it very much. We sit down, chat and laugh together . And we play card game after the dinner . As for yesterday , i just sit down at home and watch TV . then , today some visitor come visit my house . Okey , i think that's all. Happy Chinese New Year to all ! =)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Yellow = Bad Luck

Hi guys and girl , okey , today morning i go to TARC for my design 2 exam . It's the last exam before Chinese New Year , but i got 1 more exam on 5 Feb 2009 . Means i got a 2 week study break la..Hehe =) So , my exam start at 9am and end at 11 am . My mum fetch me to college and waited there till i finish because we going to go Cheras to cut hair . So , i finish the exm quite early , i come out from the exam hall at 10am. Then , me and my mum straight go Cheras cut hair . And i actually perm the middle part of my hair to make it stand ,it's my 1st time permed , as the aunty there suggested . After cut and perm my hair , we go eat lunch . And then headed back home. After that , i put my mum at her friend house ,as they going temple . Okey , here's the story based on my title start. Then , I go back home bath and then straight go to 1u , as i want to shop for chineses new year clothes. I found a parking quite fast . I parked at new wing ' 1K 22 '.Then after locked my car , i go down and walked to the entrance to 1U . Then , suddenly a malay man appear in front of me and caught and grab my hand , then he say 'bagi saya kunci itu ' . I was shocked , and like wth , i thought shit , so sui , kena targeted by thief , oh no . Then , i didnt give the key la . And he suddenly say loudly ' kamu mau curi kereta tu ah' . The ' kereta tu ' he mean is my car la. So , i say loudly ' itu kereta saya la ' . Then i some more angrily say, 'i show you my driving licience la , it's in my car ' . Then he say , 'pergi buka kereta itu' , obviously he was testing me .Then I go buka the car door lo , as i'm not scared as i'm not wrong . I surely can open the lock of my car la. Then after that , i take my driving licience from a card wallet in my car drawer , as i always put there . It's a good thing i put in the car , at least that prove that was my car . The malay guy somemore called a ronda security with a bicycle come over . After the malay guy checked my driving licience , he somemore ask me to give him my I.C , luckily my I.C was always kept at my wallet. After he checked and see my I.C ,and compared it with my driving licience , he only say sorry . I was so angry that time , keep scolding them. Then the malay guy only explain to me that a car kena stealed by some random guy , and the suspect guy wearing a yellow colour t-shirt . And i also wearing a yellow T-shirt , so the malay guy thought i'm the suspect . And somemore he saw me like action i watch my car after locking the car is suspicious . Then i scold him la, i say ' saya nak check kereta say a sudah lock belum , tak boleh ah !' . I was so freaking angry le . And i was thinking , if like that , all the people who wear yellow T-shirt or shirt was the suspect la, and you want to check everyone who wear yellow shirt ah , so stupid ! Somemore the people who stole car wont be coming back again 1 la , he / she dont scared kena caught by security meh . the malay guy and the guy so stupid la whey ! But then that also good , showed that they are strict and cared about the security of the mall . And i also aware that 1U car park is dangerous . I also saw news and heard before that there were car parjed at the car park kena stealed before , ESPECIALLY underground car park . So , guys and girl , be careful when you all come out from the car or get in to the car at 1U . If there were suspicious people following you , dont ever enter your car ya . And if there's a suspicious guy approaching your car , straight away locked your car , and quickly drive out from the mall . Everywhere is dangerous now ! Okey , whatever, the malay guy still wrong ! But they still keep say sorry ,then okey la. So , yellow bring me bad luck today . I had buy a t-shirt from bodyglove and a energy saver bulb at Jusco , as my mum asked me to buy it . And guess what , i bought the wrong one , only knew it when my mum saw it after dinner around 8. 30 pm . So , i faster drive back to 1U Jusco and changed it . The road opposite direction is freaking jam, the traffic jam is so fantastic eventhough already so late . Normal la, last minute shopper for chinese new year . Luckily my direction no traffic jam , so smooth . The parking is so hard to find compared to the afternoon . So , discovered that the ebergy saver bulb that my mum wants no more stock ,so the cashier give me back the money . Then i headed back home . Walau , it's already 10pm , but the road still so jam , so stuck in the jam a while . That's my day .

Here's is the photo of chinese new year decoration that i manage to capture at 1U :

1U New Wing

1U Old Wing
-Till then-

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Random Post ~4

Yeah , 2 more exam left only ! It's like so fast , i already finish 4 exam ..Haha .. Okey , this post will be some random post . Okey , let's talk about hapiness . Well, Chinese New Year coming soon. This year , i will celebrate chinese new year at my house , Selangor. Not going back hometown as i got a last exam on 5 Feb 2009 . Thus, must study for the exam. Hehe =) but i think will be fun too celebrate Chinese New Year at here , can go gather with my friend , visit relatives and friend. Hopefully this year i will have a great chinese new year ! I had buy my new clothes for chinese new year . Happy Chinese New Year to all my friend , realative and the people i know ! An early wish here.

-Till then-


Friday, 16 January 2009

3 more paper left

Yeah , left 3 more exam only . Wednesday have exam till today , 3 continuous exam le.. hehe =) But overall ok la..hehe.i had try my best di.For now i just want to relax . And will start study 2morrow for next monday exam . =)

-Till Then-

-Jayren -

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Resolutions Of Year 2009

Here's some resolution for me in the year 2009 :

1. Study hard and get a good result .

2. Be happy

3. Exercise more

4. Be more socialise

5. Meet more new friend , hopefully a new girl . lol

6. Be more patience

7. Meet up with all my friend that i hardly contact or keep in touch ,and those friend i miss .

8. Be more better in handling a bad situation.

9. Drive more carefully

10 . Work to earn money

11 . Take care of my ownself and my mum

12. Learn my Guitar level 2 lesson

* Will add on if i still got any resolution*

Till then

-Hann Yaw -

Review of Year 2008

Okay , i know is a little bit late to blog about this title , yet i want to blog it as my memory and to end the year 2008 . Okay , here's some important events happening in my life :

1. I had make a huge decision to withdraw from UTAR in may 2008 as i failed few subject and i'm not confidence if i can pass those subject. So , what for i struggle.

2. I had join the UTAR Orientation Activities before i withdraw , i am the secretary for the Welcome Freshmen Concert . Well, i enjoy it pretty much . Met many new nice friend

A Nice Group Of Friend
3. I change to study Diploma in Advertising in Utar
4. Met many new friends
5. Celebrated my 20th birthday with my family and friend .
6. And lastly , went to a fun Cameron Highland Trip with my mum and her friend's family .
There's still lot of things happen on the year 2008 , but some i don't remember di . Hehe =)
-Hann Yaw-

Sunday, 4 January 2009

No title

Hello to all , i really don't know want to write what title , that's why write no title lo . Lol . Anyway , this is my first post in the year 2009 . Well, my resolution for the year 2009 is to study hard and get a good result in the coming final exam . 2 more weeks left to study only . Stress stress . Next week , i'm going to library to find all the pass year paper . As for today . i had start study for tamadun , study 4 chapter di . hehe . at least , my resolution for today had accomplished . Tommorrow will continue study . I may abandon my blog until after exam , in order to let me concentrate in my study . I will miss my bloggie a lot ! But nevermind , i want to get a good result . Haha . Ok , till then .

-Jayren Hann Yaw -