Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Random Post ~4

Yeah , 2 more exam left only ! It's like so fast , i already finish 4 exam ..Haha .. Okey , this post will be some random post . Okey , let's talk about hapiness . Well, Chinese New Year coming soon. This year , i will celebrate chinese new year at my house , Selangor. Not going back hometown as i got a last exam on 5 Feb 2009 . Thus, must study for the exam. Hehe =) but i think will be fun too celebrate Chinese New Year at here , can go gather with my friend , visit relatives and friend. Hopefully this year i will have a great chinese new year ! I had buy my new clothes for chinese new year . Happy Chinese New Year to all my friend , realative and the people i know ! An early wish here.

-Till then-


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