Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Review of Year 2008

Okay , i know is a little bit late to blog about this title , yet i want to blog it as my memory and to end the year 2008 . Okay , here's some important events happening in my life :

1. I had make a huge decision to withdraw from UTAR in may 2008 as i failed few subject and i'm not confidence if i can pass those subject. So , what for i struggle.

2. I had join the UTAR Orientation Activities before i withdraw , i am the secretary for the Welcome Freshmen Concert . Well, i enjoy it pretty much . Met many new nice friend

A Nice Group Of Friend
3. I change to study Diploma in Advertising in Utar
4. Met many new friends
5. Celebrated my 20th birthday with my family and friend .
6. And lastly , went to a fun Cameron Highland Trip with my mum and her friend's family .
There's still lot of things happen on the year 2008 , but some i don't remember di . Hehe =)
-Hann Yaw-

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