Thursday, 19 February 2009

25 Random stuff

Okie , i had done this before at facebook , but somehow i feel that the one i do at facebook is not that good. So , i decided to do it again here .=)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. My name is Kwan Hann Yaw . I'm known as Hann Yaw , Jayren , or Yaw yaw ( a nickname which some of my friend called me back in secondary school ) .

2. I love blue , blue rockzz ! I used to have many blue T-shirt last time , but now mostly throw away , and only left few only . But i still love blue . Lol

3. There are many shirt with collar than T- shirt in my closet . You can see many shirt with collar in my closet . I think there are almost 12 collar shirt in my closet , I just love shirt so much ! =)

4. I just change my spectacle! it's different from before , a new change for me ! =)

5. i'm quite a quiet person when met a stranger , but i can be very talkative and fun when i know a person well, andwhen we become friend.

6. I super love spicy food ! i always eat fried rice , fried meehoon , or any other noodles with 'cili padi' or sambal belacan. No taste without 'cili padi ' or sambal belacan la . =)

7. i admit sometime i do have some temper and easily angry. But i will only angry at something or a person for a while , the longest a day only . =)

8. I will be very quiet when i'm emo. Would not even laugh eventhough heard a funny joke . And i do not like to care much about anything when i emo . *don't ask me why *

9. I care much about other people feeling . I always try not to hurt other people.

10. I always give people an impression that i'm a 'guai guai ' guy . But please dont judge me by my look , i may be evil! Lol. Rawr ! =)

11. I have gastrik,and so i cannot eat curry too much ( but i just love it to much! Can't resist and easily tempted ! so , i still eat it sometime!) ,i cannot drink soft and gassy drink too ! haiz, need to blame me for not eating brekfast last time

12. I love my mum's cooking so much ! The food is always so delicious . My mum cook well and baked cookies and cake well too. I'm especially love Nasi Kerabu which cooked by my mum ,it's super delicious !

13. Family is always number 1 in my heart ! I love them so much !

14. Hate the K.L sometime. There's always traffic jam at busy city like K.L. I love kampung more something . As my mum kampung is at Kuala Besut , i always love there when i went back there . It's just in front of the laut china selatan . It's much more quiet there .

15. I do love to drive fast , but mom always ask me to drive slower. I'm already trying to drive slowly now.=)

16. I always try to keep in contact with all my friend but sometime i do lost contact with them . I love all my friend very much ! They are always in my mind ! True friend are hard to find , so i appreciate what they do and cherish them .

17. I doesn't know to do housework much . But i do know to wash car . Dont know how to cook even a fried egg,but at least i know to cook Maggi Mee.Lol =)

18. I don't quite like seafood much . I don't like fish except tuna. I love tuna sandwich . =)

19. I'm easily sore throat when eat fried or baked food .

20. My daily tool are Sony Ericsson K510i , HP Pavillion laptop , and everlust watch .

21. i'm an chinese- educated boy . I can speak english , chinese ,malay , cantonese and a lil bit of french. Although i can speak english , but my grammar is always bad. I can listen to a little bit of hokkien , teochew , and hainan. but i'm don't how to talk. weird , right ? lol

22. I'm study before at UTAR for 1 year . I study foundation and construction management degree at there , Due to it is hard and i dont quite like the course , i changed to diploma in advertising at TARCollege . The construction management at UTAR is not my choice ,a nd the diploma in advertising is my choice . I love it much ! =) But i dont quite like the attitude of TARCollege student. ( No Offence ya ! ) But i already adapted to TARCollege life now .

23. I hate liars, people who 'pa pai ' , and sombong .

24. My dream is to have a BMW sport car and buy a big house .

25. I'm still single and do hope to find my Miss Right soon. Lol =)

okie , i'm not going to tagged anyone ,as i already tagged people at Facebook. Hope you all understand me more through this post . Hehe =)

- till then -

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Okie , i'm had been tagged by Meng Cong and Shu Wen. First time tagged at blogspot . Well , now let me reply the tagged here . =)

RULES:It's harder than it looks!Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.They
have to be real. Nothing made up!If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Jayren

2. A four Letter Word : Joke

3. A boy's Name : Joven

4. A girl's Name : Jenny

5. An occupation : Journalist

6. A color : Jaune ( Means 'yellow' in french language )

7. Something you'll wear : Jeans

9. A food : Jack & Jill

10. Something found in the bathroom : Jabon ( means 'soap' in Spanish )

11. A place : Jungle

12. A reason for being late : Jam ( Traffic Jam )

13. Something you'd shout : Jerk

14. A movie title : Jurassic Park

15. Something you drink : Juice

16. A musical group : Jonas Brother

17. An animal : Jaguar

18. A street name : Jonker Street ( at Melacca )

19. A type of car : Jeep

20. The title of a song : Jingle Bell

Yeah , i finally did it ! lol . Okie , as the rules say , i now had to tag 20 person.

And they are :

1. Sher Ryn

2. Ee Yee

3. Onn Sein

4. Sheau Pey

5. Sherril

6. Wei Qing

7. Damson

8. Tzer Yng

9. Colleen

10. Jiun Tat

11. Shin Wei

12. Teri

13. Jocelyn

14. Peggy

15. Yew Tat

16. Ka Wee

17. Samantha

18. Mun Kin

19. June

20. Shen Chie

Happy Tagging !

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Working Part Time Job Now

As holiday is so boring , i had found a part time job now, i'm currently working at Voir Gallery @ 1 Utama. Come visit me la if you all happen to be shopping at 1 Utama. Lol .Quite a good pay , Rm 4.50 per hour . But need to stand for 8 -9 hours la. Today i stand untill leg pain..haha . But all the staff there are nice , friendly , and good . =)

-Till Then-

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Farewell for Zeming @ Zeming House

Okey , as Zeming is going to go to study at Monash Australia soon . Me and a whole bunch of SMKTE 'sot gang' have a farewell party with her at home. Nothing much , we just ate KFC at her house , and then chit - chat , and play 'Mafia ' again. We already play till sien lo. Then we also took some photo together .

Here's the Photo :

- Till Then -
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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Holiday !

Yeah ! I have holiday for 3 weeks till 1st of March . I'm not going to stay at home doing nothing ,it's so boring ! I had apply for part time job, Hush Puppies 1U , and Levi's The Curve . Now waiting for their call to see whether i'm hired by them or not . I'm going to work to spend my time wisely , i can gain experience and earn money . Haha ! Anyway , you all have any temporary part time job to introduce to me ? hehe . Today will be a short post .

-till then -

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Monday, 2 February 2009

SMKTE-ian Bai Nian

Yesterday and today i with one bunch of my secondary school go each other house 'bai nian' . It's a tradition , we do this for past few years after we graduated from our secondary school . I take many ang pau . Haha . We go many house 'bai nian ' , all our secondary school friend house . We gamble and play 'Mafia' card game at almost every house we go visit and bai nian . Really have 2 wonderful day . Enjoy it much ! Hope we will continue this tradition till the end of our life . Thanks a lot everyone ! Haha =) We also celebrated Woon birthday yesterday , as his birthday drawing near .

Photo :
All of us at Eline's House
All waiting to gamble !
Gamble Session
Woon's Birthday Cake - German Black Forest
Happy 21th Birthday Woon !
Woon and Jia Ming
To : Zhe Chua , and Ah Chai . All the best and good luck in your exam ya !
To : Eline . Happy internship !
To: Zeming . All the best and good luck for your studies in Monash Australia soon . 一路顺风 !
To: Joven . Gambateh in your studies in Taylor . You can do it !
To : Kang Wei , Denis . Happy study in TARC . Hopefully we will meet in TARC .
To : Han Sin : All the best and good luck for your traing at Malacca. One more month then you can find job and be pilot . Hopefully you will found a nice job ! and if you want to take another degree , go ahead , we still young , can continue study . Haha . All the best ya ! =)
To : Hui Lih : Hope you found a nice job at good architectual firm . Or if you want to continue study degree , go ahead ! All the best ! =)
To: Kenny , Woon , and Jia Ming . Gambateh and all the best in your studies at UTAR . We go out yum cha la if free , after all our campus just beside each other .
To : Meng Keat . Thanks for everything u organised for this two day ! All the best and good luck working ! hehe =)
To : Joshua . All the best and good luck for yoour studies at HELP ya . =)
*For those secondary school friend which i didn't mention , sorry ya , cant remember too much name le . =P
Take Care Everyone !
-Hann Yaw signoff -