Thursday, 19 February 2009

25 Random stuff

Okie , i had done this before at facebook , but somehow i feel that the one i do at facebook is not that good. So , i decided to do it again here .=)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. My name is Kwan Hann Yaw . I'm known as Hann Yaw , Jayren , or Yaw yaw ( a nickname which some of my friend called me back in secondary school ) .

2. I love blue , blue rockzz ! I used to have many blue T-shirt last time , but now mostly throw away , and only left few only . But i still love blue . Lol

3. There are many shirt with collar than T- shirt in my closet . You can see many shirt with collar in my closet . I think there are almost 12 collar shirt in my closet , I just love shirt so much ! =)

4. I just change my spectacle! it's different from before , a new change for me ! =)

5. i'm quite a quiet person when met a stranger , but i can be very talkative and fun when i know a person well, andwhen we become friend.

6. I super love spicy food ! i always eat fried rice , fried meehoon , or any other noodles with 'cili padi' or sambal belacan. No taste without 'cili padi ' or sambal belacan la . =)

7. i admit sometime i do have some temper and easily angry. But i will only angry at something or a person for a while , the longest a day only . =)

8. I will be very quiet when i'm emo. Would not even laugh eventhough heard a funny joke . And i do not like to care much about anything when i emo . *don't ask me why *

9. I care much about other people feeling . I always try not to hurt other people.

10. I always give people an impression that i'm a 'guai guai ' guy . But please dont judge me by my look , i may be evil! Lol. Rawr ! =)

11. I have gastrik,and so i cannot eat curry too much ( but i just love it to much! Can't resist and easily tempted ! so , i still eat it sometime!) ,i cannot drink soft and gassy drink too ! haiz, need to blame me for not eating brekfast last time

12. I love my mum's cooking so much ! The food is always so delicious . My mum cook well and baked cookies and cake well too. I'm especially love Nasi Kerabu which cooked by my mum ,it's super delicious !

13. Family is always number 1 in my heart ! I love them so much !

14. Hate the K.L sometime. There's always traffic jam at busy city like K.L. I love kampung more something . As my mum kampung is at Kuala Besut , i always love there when i went back there . It's just in front of the laut china selatan . It's much more quiet there .

15. I do love to drive fast , but mom always ask me to drive slower. I'm already trying to drive slowly now.=)

16. I always try to keep in contact with all my friend but sometime i do lost contact with them . I love all my friend very much ! They are always in my mind ! True friend are hard to find , so i appreciate what they do and cherish them .

17. I doesn't know to do housework much . But i do know to wash car . Dont know how to cook even a fried egg,but at least i know to cook Maggi Mee.Lol =)

18. I don't quite like seafood much . I don't like fish except tuna. I love tuna sandwich . =)

19. I'm easily sore throat when eat fried or baked food .

20. My daily tool are Sony Ericsson K510i , HP Pavillion laptop , and everlust watch .

21. i'm an chinese- educated boy . I can speak english , chinese ,malay , cantonese and a lil bit of french. Although i can speak english , but my grammar is always bad. I can listen to a little bit of hokkien , teochew , and hainan. but i'm don't how to talk. weird , right ? lol

22. I'm study before at UTAR for 1 year . I study foundation and construction management degree at there , Due to it is hard and i dont quite like the course , i changed to diploma in advertising at TARCollege . The construction management at UTAR is not my choice ,a nd the diploma in advertising is my choice . I love it much ! =) But i dont quite like the attitude of TARCollege student. ( No Offence ya ! ) But i already adapted to TARCollege life now .

23. I hate liars, people who 'pa pai ' , and sombong .

24. My dream is to have a BMW sport car and buy a big house .

25. I'm still single and do hope to find my Miss Right soon. Lol =)

okie , i'm not going to tagged anyone ,as i already tagged people at Facebook. Hope you all understand me more through this post . Hehe =)

- till then -

- Hann Yaw signoff -