Monday, 2 February 2009

SMKTE-ian Bai Nian

Yesterday and today i with one bunch of my secondary school go each other house 'bai nian' . It's a tradition , we do this for past few years after we graduated from our secondary school . I take many ang pau . Haha . We go many house 'bai nian ' , all our secondary school friend house . We gamble and play 'Mafia' card game at almost every house we go visit and bai nian . Really have 2 wonderful day . Enjoy it much ! Hope we will continue this tradition till the end of our life . Thanks a lot everyone ! Haha =) We also celebrated Woon birthday yesterday , as his birthday drawing near .

Photo :
All of us at Eline's House
All waiting to gamble !
Gamble Session
Woon's Birthday Cake - German Black Forest
Happy 21th Birthday Woon !
Woon and Jia Ming
To : Zhe Chua , and Ah Chai . All the best and good luck in your exam ya !
To : Eline . Happy internship !
To: Zeming . All the best and good luck for your studies in Monash Australia soon . 一路顺风 !
To: Joven . Gambateh in your studies in Taylor . You can do it !
To : Kang Wei , Denis . Happy study in TARC . Hopefully we will meet in TARC .
To : Han Sin : All the best and good luck for your traing at Malacca. One more month then you can find job and be pilot . Hopefully you will found a nice job ! and if you want to take another degree , go ahead , we still young , can continue study . Haha . All the best ya ! =)
To : Hui Lih : Hope you found a nice job at good architectual firm . Or if you want to continue study degree , go ahead ! All the best ! =)
To: Kenny , Woon , and Jia Ming . Gambateh and all the best in your studies at UTAR . We go out yum cha la if free , after all our campus just beside each other .
To : Meng Keat . Thanks for everything u organised for this two day ! All the best and good luck working ! hehe =)
To : Joshua . All the best and good luck for yoour studies at HELP ya . =)
*For those secondary school friend which i didn't mention , sorry ya , cant remember too much name le . =P
Take Care Everyone !
-Hann Yaw signoff -

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