Monday, 2 March 2009


Hi , guys and gal , sorry for not updating my blog so long . As u all know i work part time till last saturday . haha . Nothing much happen during my holiday , just work , work , and work. Lol . And you know what , i still need to rot at house for another 2 day , cause my class for today and tomorrow canceled ! Haih , bored till hell le ! Help me please ! I want to back to study ! Lol . I already got my new semester timetable . I will be off every monday , no class on monday . So who want to call me out , i will be available every monday . Haha ! And luckily i didn't took chinese modern writing elective unit , cause if not i wil have class until 8pm , and got class on saturday . Luckily i took music appreciation elective unit , Yeah ! =) Ok, nothing much to blog di .

-Till Then -

Jayren signoff

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