Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Well, i always avoid to ride KTM ,as KTM always not puncture ,and the ' human traffic ' in the train is super 'fantastic' . It had been 1 year ++ i didn't ride KTM i suppose , as now i already shifted to P.J , and thus i go to College by Kelana Jaya line LRT . But due to today my mum teaching tuition at Kepong until 5.30 pm , and my class end at 4 pm . Thus . i terpaksa go down at kepong station . Okey , so i reach KL Sentral at 4.50pm , and i really hope there was a train that time ,as after 5 pm , the train will become 'sardine pack' and is hard to board the KTM . But...........at about 5.10pm , no train arrived at platform yet , and there were an announcement saying that the 5.15pm KTM train cancelled , and the next train will arrived at about 20 minutes later . Delay again! KTM is NEVER puncture ! So frustrated ! Then , when the train reached the platform , every people push and rushing to go into the KTM without giving ways for people to come out from the KTM . And hello people , there were line drawn at the platform ,and we suppose to que in a line like LRT ,and let other people to come out from the KTM . Luckily i managed to stand at the middle which was not that packed . And when the KTM reach Putra and Bank Negara station , all the people push and push and boarding the train without letting other people to go out from the train . Until many people scold and asked them to let people go out first . I even heard a malay guy  say everyday is the same , and he scold them and asked them to 'pakai mata ' la . Still like last time i ride the KTM , nothing different from last time . KTM Berhad really should take action and improve their service . They should add more train . Even LRT is way more better than KTM . Haih =(


  1. I feel u.
    me n my frens had the similar experience too.
    It annoys me so badly i rather take the longer way to reach the destination and skip taking ktm..
    and i dont see any improvements done by them so far..
    just avoid it..

  2. yea, i have been always avoid ride KTM . And there are no improvement done .

  3. is punctual, not puncture(bom jat)=)
    for me...
    no car in kl so i have to sit ktm...
    if my fren can't fetch me at wangsa maju or tmn bahagia station...
    although i also have ktm-phobia...

  4. (Kar Chun ) : Hey , thanks for visit my blog . Lol , did not notice the spelling error . Yea , hehe =)