Saturday, 28 March 2009

清明节@Nilai 孝恩园

Okey , today morning after breakfast about 10 am ,me , my mum ,and my cousin family went to Nilai 孝恩园  to pray my uncle, my elder sister ,and my dad . Okey, yeah , i have an elder sister , she passed away when i'm 16 years old because of brain blood vessel explode , it happen very sudden . About my dad , he passed away when i' just 7 years old because of cancer . I know many people thought i'm the only child in the family . It is because i always avoid it . But i do told some of my friend . I really miss my sister and my dad! I hope everything well with them  in another world .  But no worries , i'm not sad . No worries ya ! sometime i do envy about other people that have sister and brother and dad . So , people , cherish your family ya ! =) okey , dont talk about sad thing di . Back to the topic , when we reach there about 11 am , we saw many people aleady at there . Many people come to pray their family too . But i do like that place , cause it is far from ton , and had a nice environment . I also saw one of my classmates at TARC that also go to pray her family there . The weather today is quite hot . So , after we pray and burn all the thing to my sister , dad , and uncle. We went to the motorbike ice cream uncle to buy ice cream and eat . Hehe . After everything done , we went back  to my house and eat my mum's Chicken rice . That's my trip today   =) 

Earth Hour

Just now during 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm ( Earth hour ) , i had turn off all the light and electrical appliances at  my house  . Did you all turn off your light too ? We must do our part to save the earth , and against global warming . I done it , How about you all ? we must not only turn off for 1 hour , but also turn off your PC , light , and electrical appliances when we are not using it . 
Okey , ~chaoz~ 

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