Thursday, 26 March 2009

Update About me !

Hello guys , sorry for didn't update my blog for almost one week . I'm been busy with assignment and mid term test . Finally , i already hand in one assignment today , and now left one more assignment , which need to be submit tomorrow . Our group had finish the assignment though , and will print it by tomorrow , and submit it by tomorrow . Yeah , after next monday mid term test , i can relax for a while , then need to start study for final exam di . Okey , for all my coursemates and classmates who still rushing for assignment now , Gambateh and good luck ya ! Ermm, nothing much i do this few day . Last saturday , i went to sunway pyramid to watch movie with my cousin . We had watched 'The Tale of Desperaux ' . The movie was quite nice and cute . It's about mouse life and rat life .Hehe . And then other day , i mostly study for mid term ,and do assignment ,and online . That's my life , boring . Haha =) Okey, good luck and all the best for all my classmates and coursemates who took music appreciation mid term test on next monday ! Well , this saturday earth hour (8.30pm - 9.30 pm ) , who's going to turn off the light ? i'm going to turn off the light for one hour , to save the earth .=) K, ~chaoz ~

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