Thursday, 5 March 2009

Update about my life

Well, i'm already back to study after 3 weeks holiday . I'm already attend mass media and society tutorial. Basically it is about mass media. I'm also not sure much about this subject as i havent attend any lecture about this subject . As we need to take 1 elective unit this semester , i had chosen music appreciation subject . Today i attended the first lecture of music appreciation . And i discovered that this subject was interesting . We not going to learn any theory . But we will learn about the classical music , orchestra , rock music , pop music and all those instrument . We will also get to watch concert , MTV , and movies. What's more , our lecturer will organize a trip to Watch abn orchestra at somewhere near KLCC next week. And me and my friend already joined. Haha . Cool ! =) But i also got 2 assignment that need to handed on week 4 . Got to start research for assignment ,as the time for this sem is very short ,as it is short sem . Got to gambateh! Yeah ! Haih , according to the intranet , my last sem exam result will only be out by 10 march , 5 more days to go ! Curious to know my result la. Haih, why SSH office people need so long to deal about the result . And Blood donation campaign is now recruitin helper at TARC canteen 2 , still wondering should i join as helper. Tomorrow is the last day they recruit. So , i think i might go register for helper. Not sure yet , still thinking about it .

~okie, till then~

Jayren signoff

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