Thursday, 30 April 2009

Part Time Job

Yeah , i had found a part time job today ! I will be working part time at New Balance @ 1 Utama from this friday ( 1/5/09) - 22/5/09 . Just to spend my time with some useful thing . Working can passed time and earn money . Lol =) And i had watched Fast and Furious 4 @ GSC 1 U today , the movie i always wanted to watch . All the cool cars , action packed , adrenaline fueled really leave me breathless . Haha =) Overall , the movie is awesome . Definitely i will watch the next season! ( if got la ) .  As for the changing layout thing , i dont think i will change my layout soon , as i havent found a blogger template / layout that is nice and catch my attention . Okey , a short post today . =)


Monday, 27 April 2009

Exam Over .. Holiday !

Sorry for didn't update my blog for so long , because i'm having final ,and been revising all the notes in the past few weeks. I'm officially holiday today ! Yuhuu !  Hopefully i can passed and get good grade for my two subject . My first year of diploma in TARC had ended . It's so fast ,as the time flies so fast . By the way , i'm been searching for part time job to fully utilised my holiday . Lol . Anyone have any job vacancies , do contact me ya ! Thanks . =) By the way , i'm plan to change the template layout of my blog and change the title of my blog . Just to refurnish my blog . haha . But definitely not today , i'm still finding for layout resource . Anyone can suggest any website that provide nice blog layout ? Ok, this will be a short post . Well, i'm now addicted to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC game, it's quite challenging . Okey , that's it . =)
~Till Then ~
Hann Yaw Signoff 

Friday, 10 April 2009

PC Fair @ KLCC

Okey , today after class at college , i decided to go PC Fair , since i will pass KLCC LRT station on the way back to Kelana Jaya LRT Station . So i reached KLCC about 4.30pm , and i straight headed to KL Convention Centre . Since i  know what i want to buy , that is a mouse  and an external hard disk . So i skip all those section i don't want to see and straight to buy my mouse and external hard disk . So i bought a BLUE western digital external hard disk which cost me about RM 246 , but with free couch casing . SO i think is quite worth it . =)

                                    Western Digital  My Passport Essential External Hard Disk 
                                                                   ( Image from Google )

Then , i also bought a BLUE Sensonic baby mouse which is quite cheap that was only RM15 .

                                                                Sensonic Optical Baby Mouse 
                                                                    ( Image from Google )

So , i had bought all the thing i wanted . And although today is just the first day , but the PC Fair was damn packed . I am sure that many of my friend will go to PC Fair 2morrow or sunday . But i wont choose to go on weekend , as i know the place will be sure super packed , ad experienced it for the past PC Fair .

So after finish buying all my thing at PC fair , i rode LRT back to Kelana Jaya station , and the LRT is packed as it is peak time + PC Fair . Lol =)

Okey , Till Then ! 

Have a nice day & take care everyone !

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kota Damansara -> Subang -> LCCT - >Subang ->Kota Damansara

Okey , as yesterday my mom come back from ching ming at my hometown at Terengganu . And it's a night flight , so i decided to go fetch my mom . But then i not sure about the road to LCCT . So , i went to my aunty house at Subang . Then she lead me , and i drive to LCCT . After fetch my mum , we went back to my aunty house , and then back to my house at K.D . At least i had learn the road to LCCT . The road was quite easy . =) I discovered that i had learn many KL road which i don't know before this . It's all with my friend's help, Teri . Thanks a lot to her ! By the way , yesterday i start play Pet society at Facebook . Quite addicted to it . And i want to start play geo challenge and word challenge . Okey , chaoz . =)