Monday, 27 April 2009

Exam Over .. Holiday !

Sorry for didn't update my blog for so long , because i'm having final ,and been revising all the notes in the past few weeks. I'm officially holiday today ! Yuhuu !  Hopefully i can passed and get good grade for my two subject . My first year of diploma in TARC had ended . It's so fast ,as the time flies so fast . By the way , i'm been searching for part time job to fully utilised my holiday . Lol . Anyone have any job vacancies , do contact me ya ! Thanks . =) By the way , i'm plan to change the template layout of my blog and change the title of my blog . Just to refurnish my blog . haha . But definitely not today , i'm still finding for layout resource . Anyone can suggest any website that provide nice blog layout ? Ok, this will be a short post . Well, i'm now addicted to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC game, it's quite challenging . Okey , that's it . =)
~Till Then ~
Hann Yaw Signoff 

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