Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kota Damansara -> Subang -> LCCT - >Subang ->Kota Damansara

Okey , as yesterday my mom come back from ching ming at my hometown at Terengganu . And it's a night flight , so i decided to go fetch my mom . But then i not sure about the road to LCCT . So , i went to my aunty house at Subang . Then she lead me , and i drive to LCCT . After fetch my mum , we went back to my aunty house , and then back to my house at K.D . At least i had learn the road to LCCT . The road was quite easy . =) I discovered that i had learn many KL road which i don't know before this . It's all with my friend's help, Teri . Thanks a lot to her ! By the way , yesterday i start play Pet society at Facebook . Quite addicted to it . And i want to start play geo challenge and word challenge . Okey , chaoz . =)

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