Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My New Blog Layout

As i had mentioned before that i will change my blog layout , i already changed it , just to give a new feel to all my readers . I'm already bored with the old blog template . I also changed the name of my blog as got somebody else using my old blog name . Do u like my new blog temlate ? Just leave some comments la . Thanks . wel , i already work at New Balance 1 Utama for few days . I really like and enjoy this job . The bos of the shop is so nice to me , and i feel that it is more relax than the part time job that i previously work . Besides that , we can learn a lot of knowledge of the New Balance Shoes . It's pretty cool . anyone who want to buy a new sport shoes can consult me first . Lol . If u really trust me though . For now , i really enjoy this part time job . Okey , good night everybody ! have a nice day ahead ! =)


  1. hey.. nice layout.. but the fonts are abit difficult to read.. hehe.. just my opinion.. have a nice day.. =D

  2. O i c i c, thanks thanks ! Thanks for support ya ! =)