Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tagssss Again !

1.My Name : Hann Yaw aka Jayren
2.My Birthday : 17 December 2008
3.Who tagged you : Onn Sein
4.Name 5 best friends :Joven , Kenny , Sher Ryn , and my college gang
5.What do you wished for birthday : A good health and many wishes
6.Happy things that happened recently : I had met and make many new friends during TARC mass call. I'm a helper .

7.Most stressed about recently : Nothing stressed me recently

8.What is your dream about future : Be a sucessful advertisers  ,and buy a big house for my mum .
9.Do you have someone you like : yes or no . It's so complicated !

10.Will visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : Why not ?

11.Most happy to hang out with :Friends

12.If two of your friends were having conflicts :I will try to advice them, or else i will just chill out
13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover :anywhere will do .
14.What to do in Christmas :I dont celebrate Christmas.But i do visit my friends or family friends that celebrate christmas .
15.Who do you wants to celebrate Christmas with : Friends for right now .

16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : Yes
17.How many siblings you have : I'm the only son

18.Favourite song(Female) :All the song by Avril Lavigne

9.Favourite song(Male) : No specific one
20.Favourite Colour : Blue

21.Flush before using the toilets? :Yes

22.Love me not? :What is this ?

23.Affectionate to guys or girls :Haha , lame ! =0
24.What do you wants to shout out loud : Yeah , i'm officially off from work !

25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : Yes

26.Will you take of your undies in while in the WC :wth

27.Whos the bastard : There's many out there , but we can't do anything .

28.Whats the current affection : lol

29.Sleeps uglily : So what ?
30.Whats the time now : 12.19am

31.Do you hate the person who tagged you :Not really ..

32.Weight : 54kg

33.Weather today : Just a normal weather
34.Are you pregnant : yNo ! I'm a boy / men.

35.What will you do if you win a lottery : I know i won't . lol Only if i have luck .

36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life :Enjoy  life to the max !

【People Tagged】

1- Sherril
2- Sher Ryn
3- Jessica
4- Meng Cong
5- Sheau Pey
6- Kar Chun
7- Shin Wei
8- Zeming
9- Colleen
10- Damson

01-【Did no.4 know no.6?】:Yes , they are classmates
02-【No.10 is a male or?】:Definitely male
03-【 The hobby of no.8】:Reading and play badminton , right Zeming ?
04-【Do no. 1 have any siblings】:yes , 1 brother

05-【The surname of of no.7】:Beh
06-【Do no.10 have alot of friends?】:Yes
07-【Anyone tackling no.4?】: I don't know. You ask him la.Lol =)
08-【Is no.2 is being introduced?】:she already got boyfriend la.
09-【The favourite colour of no.6】:Ermmmmm.......
10-【Is no.3 and no.10 friends?】:No. They don't even know each other
11-【The birthday of no.8】:Ermmm.......

12-【Where is no.5 studying currently?】:She is my coursemate..duh..
13-【How do you know no.10?】: we study CM at UTAR before .
14-【Whats the difference between the birthmonth of no.1 and you?】:2 months .
15-【Ever hang out with no.9?】:Yea , sometime
16-【Do you like to chat with no.2?】: sure.She is a good listener
17-【Like to be with no.3?】:why not?
18-【How do you think about no.7?】:A good guy .

19-【How do you think about no.9?】:A good girl
20-【Do you love no.5?】:No !

1.Who tagged you with this questionaire? : Onn Sein
2.How long you knew him/her :1 year
3.Do you think that he/she is important to you? : Friend is important to me .
4.Your relationship with him/her : Friend
5.Whats his/hers hobby? : Reading ?
6.What do you think about his/her personality?: Friendly and crazy sometime .
7.His/her points of importance in your heart : all of them are equally important

*1st thing before sleep : Brush my teeth

*1st thing after awaking from sleep : Brush teeth and bath

*Your idol : Avril Lavigne
*Favourite season : Winter.

*Worked part-time before? : yes

*Times worked : 4 time.
*Country that wanted to go most :Paris

*Personality hated : Those fakers and cheaters .

*Are you a cry baby? : Not really

*You laughed alot? :  not really

*Do you like to go out alone? : Okey for me

*What time you wakeup if it was a holiday? : earliest is 9.00am

*Today's weather(Sunny Rainy Cloudy): Just a normal weather

*Choose between Friends and Lover : Friends and lover . Both are important to me. I choose to be neutral .

*Choose between Chances and Fates : Chances

*Are you narcissist? : Don’t think so

*Is this questionaire long? : It's freaking LONG ! =)

*How to make yourself feel better everytime? :Jokes and laugh a lot .

*Favourite food : no specific one

*Do you like ice? :duh..

*Are you full of happiness? : maybe .. not yet gua .
*Which are the friends that you cared the most? :All

*Whats the most important item in your bed room? :My bed

*Most consistant dream at sleep :None

*Will you forgive a guy that is mentally disobedient? :yes

*Whats the meaning of life? :roller coaster. There's always ups and downs in life.

*Do you know?(See if you can answer this!): wth

*When do you hate me? : Now !

*Like the day you were born or been into the society?: duh//

*Like Taoism or Confusianism? : Don't like  both

*Favourite cake? : Black Forest or Blueberry

*Can we stop this game now? : wth

*Do you like sardins? ^^ :yes

*Who knows you the best? :Mum

*IQ higher or EQ? : i dont know

*Computer or Mobile Phone : Both
*Prefer to sleep or play? : Depends

*Friendster or Facebook? : Facebook
*Whats your wish right now? : succeed in my plan and get a good result for last semester paper.

*Tired? : I'm tired

*Favourite drinks :Sky Juice . Lol =p

*What do you think of the humanity and personality of the person who tagged you?: Good people .

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