Friday, 22 May 2009

Update update !

Well , as i mention before , i had become mass call helper . I'm a coordinator helper , my job is to coordinate  the freshie to register and go for briefing . I and my mass call friend even usher Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting to his refreshment . Lol . I had met and make many new friends during this mass call especially my coordinator dept helper friend. They are all so nice . Hehe . SBS ( School 0f Business Studies ) had the most new student .Hehe . Sorry for the short post . I'm kind of not in the mood of blogging .lol . Lastly , just in case you havent saw me in the past few weeks . Here's my latest photo with my mass call helper friend . =) 


  1. the leng zai that day why u din post up his photo?hehe..

    juz say for fun..dun think im gila

    but i really hope that u can post up the photo that captured that day

  2. im tarc first year student

  3. (anonymous 1 ) : which leng chai do you mean ? I'm a little bit blur le . Lol =)

    (anonymous 2 ) : hi there ! hehe =)

  4. the leng zai i oso dunno name..hehe

    juz know that day he wear black shirt black trousers n holding a speaker,haha

  5. (anonymous ) : Hi, i think i know wjo u mean . lol . May i know who are you ? sorry if i'm rude . Because i'm getting curious le. =)