Monday, 22 June 2009

A Nice Cafe

Last week , me and 2 of my classmates went to a cafe for lunch . The cafe name were
Steven Hotspot . It is located at upstairs of Steven Corner's at Genting Kelang . The atmosphere at the cafe was very nice and attractive . There were wifi provided there too. It will be a best place for discussion , party . Lol =) But the price of food will be expensive a little bit la. But overall the food is nice . Okey , now let me share some photo of the cafe that i captured .

A very colourful Cafe ! Teenagers and young adult like us will definitely love it !

This is the corridor tohe toilet . Beautiful and colourful ! Lol =)

That's all for this post , till then ~ Chaoz =)

P.S : all photo are captured by my sony ericsson K770i hp .

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