Thursday, 18 June 2009

Beware of fake kidnap case

Yesterday , one of my secondary school friend tell me that a person called his house and when his mum answer , the person cry and say is his sister and ask his mum to save her. And then the kipnapper ask for ransom . Luckily my friend's mum called my friend's sister school to make sure if his sister is at school or not . And then confirmed that his sister is still at her school . The phone calls is fake one .Previously , few of my friend kena di . They say the caller is a china man and they make fake kidnap call to ask for ransom ( money ) . They really tidak berhati perut one lo, make people worried by creating fake news . So, friends beware , tell your family and friends ,never believe it . They say the calls sounds really real . Beware guys ! Report to the police if it happens to you or your family. Hopefully these china guys will be caught by the police soon , If not , there will be many case happen again . =( haih , what to do? Our country now is not healthy , with all those criems happen. Everywhere is not safe . =0

~till then ~

*Jayren Signoff*

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