Thursday, 18 June 2009

Issues Happenning Recently !

Okay , i'm back again to blogging . Life still goes on . Been having lecture & tutorial for about 4 weeks di. I like my Advertising copywriting lecturer + tutor . He is very cool , he always make our lecture interesting with his jokes . About the malaysia cultural , translation and media planning lecturer , they are also good and are experienced in their subject they teaching us. But i seriously dont like my english in mass communication lecturer + tutor. He is a malay freshly graduated lecturer, and just start teaching us at TARC , we are the first batch of student teached by him . He is very blur lo. I wonder how EMSD can give us a new freshly malay lecturer to teach us. Somemore the subject he teaching is english . He is really a typical malay. I'm not looking down at malay ya. Some malay people really can teach and speak good english , like Ms. Marzita . Another freshly graduated tutor that teach us is our indian translation tutor , ms. Shubashimi . She is very degil lo.She always insist that her answer is right . Even when we want to change our class time ,she ask us go arrange with office ourself . Supposingly she should help us to ask and arrange 1 la. Today have a class with her . You know what she tell us that tell myself translate to BM is menyedari sendiri . it supposingly is memberitahu diri sendiri. Menyedari is realise la. I wonder is she teaching us translation . There's another one , she translate knocking at our doorstep to melanda pada negara kita. Then we argue that there's nothing to do with our country , it should be melanda pada kita . At last , she give up and follow our answer . What la . Another one is she say there's no need kata bantu after translate to malay. I seriously hope that she's not marking our exam paper . If not , right also become wrong lo.

few weeks ago, i sold off all 1st and 2nd sem text book to one junior, and then she also ask for my notes ,whether if i can give her my notes. But then i tell her my notes is messy . And our notes is different . Then she say just try find for her lo . So ,i just say i will try find for her lo. Then , today i met this junior , then i say hi lo. Then the junior say ask me give the notes to her also didnt give, she like very pissed off. I feel that is rude lo. It's just my opinion lo. =)


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