Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lunch @ Feeling Cafe

On this Tuesday , me with my classmates friend went to Feeling Cafe@ wangsa Maju to have our lunch + discussing assignment + stole the internet there . Lol . When we were looking at the menu , we saw something that were funny . Notice the photo below:

Notice the 'Lamp ' Selection , It's supposingly is Lamb , They spelled it wrong become 'lamp' . Funny ! Lol .=)

Who want to buy Western 'Lamp' , go Feeling cafe buy la . Lol .=)

Jess and Teri busy-ing online . Haha . Candid shot ! lol =)
Teri Big Compaq VS Jess Small Compaq

John tired and sleep. Another candid shot ! ( PS: Please don't kill me , John )

I didn't captured our food as we all hungry and eat it without taking photo .

~End of Day~

Photo credits to my 3.2 megapixel new hp, Sony Ericsson K770i

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