Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My blog is ALIVE finally !

Yea, my blog is alive finally . i didn't update my blog for quite a long time . The reason is i lazy to blog + there's nothing special to blog. Okey , this will be a short post . This week already is the 3rd week of my year 2 semester 1 . Although i only have 5 subject this semester , but it seems that the subject is quite hard compared to year 1. I had start to read and study my lecture notes , just to let myself understand the chapter better . (p.s: I'm not hardworking . duh. =) ) Just now also study some notes , but i always tend to sleep more then read , same happen just now . Now , i used to sleep early , everyday sleep at 11pm, the latest 12pm. I want to lead a healthy life and concentrate in my studies . I noticed that this new semester TARC freshie all really kaya lo, many of them drive car to TARCollege ,and caused traffic jam outside TARC. Waseh . =0 Time flies so fast , i had shifted to my new house for almost 1 year di . Okey , this is a mixed topic post . That's all. ~sayonara ~

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