Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm going to work at the coming PC Fair !

Hello , i'm back to blog . As what my title write , i will be working for microsoft for the coming PC Fair . I want to earn more money , as i'm just a poor student . Lol . The basic salary is RM 60,and commission for RM5 if u sell 1 product .

I had went to the microsoft training at Plaza Mont Kiara on friday . They train us on microsoft product, Hehe =). but i'm having sorethroat now, hopefully i can recover by next friday ( PC Fair ). Pray hard . =p

Let's talk about today, today as normal i stay at home , watch television , and just now do translation subject homework .

O yea, i got a english presentation tomorrow , got to do some preparation for tomorrow presentation. So, i going to do it now . Chaoz~ Good night everyone~ =)

Busy-ness meter : 60 %

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