Monday, 27 July 2009

Sorethroat please go away !

Yea, i still having a little bit sorethroat . Errrr....Not H1N1 ok? *touch wood* . I had taken wood's peppermint cough syrup for two days , and also had drink ' Lo Han Guo ' that boiled by my mum. I doesn't like to eat the medicine , and i feel that i doesn't need to go see the doctor . Hopefully , i will be fine by before this friday .

Okey , as i say yesterday , today morning i had a presentation. Well , i have my english presentation . And some funny things happen. Guess what ,our english for mass communication lecturer bring the projector to class for us to present using it . And the projector cannot used ,it had spoiled . Then , all the group present today need to use laptop as visual to present . So , we use two laptop to present , 1 is my laptop , while another 1 is the TARC laptop . Overall, our presentation went well . I present impromptu . Hehe =) So, the second group also present using laptop.

Then, after the second group present , i was about to charge my laptop using plug as my laptop battery is low di . So , i ask john to plug in my plug at the extension which our lecturer bring . But when on the suis on the extension plug , my laptop can't charge. It have no power. Tried for few
times di , still the same. In the end , found out that the extension that sir bring is already
spoilt one, and is not the projector spoil. So , the third which is also the last group have to used the projector to present . Lol *evil me * . Our english lecturer is so blur la. =0

That's all for today . Here's some photo of today .

Randomly funny pose of John , our DAV2 Course Rep

My English assignment group member . From left : Soon Hwi , Jessica , Me ,and John .
Cheers ! =)
Good Night everyone !
Take care and have a nice day tomorrow !

busy-ness meter : 25%

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